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Create Imagine Learn in Kiama Downs is a newly renovated childcare Centre with a homely touch.

The centre has two age appropriate rooms including a newly added 0-2 room which can cater for up to 8 babies a day! The spacious 2-5 room includes an abundance of new resources, a dedicated art and craft area and can cater for up to 16 children a day.


Right from birth, our youngest children are ready to soak up all the wonders our world has to offer. Every day is a brave new frontier and another opportunity to learn.

Whether it’s moving, communicating or exploring their surroundings, their world is full of awe and our team at Create Imagine Learn feel so privileged to help your child through this wonderful journey. Throughout their day with us, we aim to make their transition into our centre as seamless as possible.

What's been said...

"My son has really flourished since being in care at Create Imagine Learn. He has been attending since they opened and has formed strong friendships and has come leaps and bounds with his confidence. The staff go out of their way to extend his interests and make huge efforts to program for all the children's interests. I would recommend this Centre to all families wanting a smaller environment to allow their child to feel valued."
Alison Lawrence
"A fantastic Centre! Staff are great! The outdoor space is awesome! They focus so much on learning about everyday things and around the world, and so much hands on, my 2-year-old amazes me with that she learns at preschool. She loves it! The cute hat and T-shirt they provide for a sense of belonging, and the Kinderm8 app so you can see exactly what your child does each day."
Dani DiBartolo


Create Imagine Learn Kiama Downs 

Ph: 02 4237 8776

88 Barton Drive, Kiama Downs 2533 NSW