keeping up with your child's activities

Parents can connect to their child’s learning, from anywhere, at any time. Follow what’s happening in real-time and get instant access to information, updates and reports.

Track their progress and contribute to their learning and development in a meaningful way. Kinderm8 has got a chart for everything. Get a detailed picture of all their activities, such as whether your child ate their veggies and how long they slept for, as well as their toileting details. Arm yourself with all the information about your child’s wellbeing.

Monitor your child’s progress and get a clear idea about how they react to, behave during, and process each activity. Kinderm8’s comprehensive journals and observations allow you to track their passage towards milestones and follow their story through photos and notes.

Using the Parent’s Portal or App, parents can ask to administer or apply prescribed or non-prescribed medications at the centre. Educators can then authorise the request and manage the medication following the outlined date, time and dosage.

Parents can collect and combine all important information in one place, and generate a portfolio report for their child. Gather details from observations, journals or news feeds together in a single file and download it as an easy-reference PDF.

Get custom notifications on your device for new programs, events, news feeds and photo tags.

Stay up to date on activities and events, add them to your device calendars.

Learning Stories
Document and share all areas of learning via videos, photos and reports in real-time. Use clear and clever layouts to feature each child’s daily activities.

Parent Participation
Parents can track the details of their child’s journey. Build community with instant access to information and create space for contribution and collaboration.

Access Anywhere
Pull up the platform on any device, from any location. Parents aren’t just spectators, with access to this easy-to-navigate software, they’re also your colleagues.

Private and Secure
Kinder M8’s interactive features support secure and private communication. Encrypted and password protected, only parents can access their child’s account.

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