our philosophy


~ We believe in providing children with ongoing opportunities to allow them to develop, establish and maintain open two way trusting relationships with educators.

~ We recognise the importance of families being the primary influence in their child's life, and therefore strive to continually develop and maintain collaborative and open partnerships with all families. When educators establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, they are able to work together to make curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children in their local context.

~ We aim to provide for the changing needs of the local community, and to ensure the cultural diversity of our community is recognised, valued, respected, as well as actively encourage community participation within our centre.

~ We aim to create a positive indoor and outdoor environment that is inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities, one that reflects the local community and the families who use the service and one that promotes respect whilst being safe and healthy.

~ We believe that it is important to provide all Educators that commence at the service with a comprehensive induction process that allow for open two way trusting communication and relationships to be established and to provide Educators with support and guidance.


~ We treat children with respect and build upon their qualities and attributes to increase their self-esteem and desire to learn.

~ To incorporate into our curriculum an anti-bias focus that allows for children to learn about various cultures, traditions and values that are respected in our society and community today. This will be inclusive of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

~ That each child has the right to be involved in on going learning, safety, education and to develop interests that will construct their own identities and establish a secure sense of ‘belonging, being and becoming’.

~ To provide all of our educators with open needed opportunities to engage in various professional development education, to extend and enrich on their current learning development and practices.

~ Providing an environment that promotes flourishing and collaborative team partnerships which incorporates ongoing, open two-way positive communication.

~ To mainstream children with additional needs and ensure they are included into our learning curriculum and educational environment that will assist them in developing their skills and learning.

~ To provide all families and children that enrol/commence at the service with a comprehensive orientation process that will allow for both the families and children to feel safe and secure, build strong collaborative relationships and two-way open and trusting communication.


~ To provide a high quality curriculum that is based on the fundamentals of the Early Years Learning Framework that will allow children to flourish and to enrich their learning.

~ In conjunction with the Australian Government Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) our program encourages children to become involved by providing interest based activities, which enables them to develop their capabilities and at the same time build on needs and challenge their strengths.

~ To set up areas using a variety of media to empower children to make choices, promote peer relationships and to provoke thoughts and imagination. By observation and listening to the children, we question and suggest new possibilities and encourage them to search and explore meaning in whatever they do. Recording of this information leads to informed decision making about the provision of materials and future experiences for children.

~ To interconnect our ‘school readiness program’ together with our Early Years Learning Framework curriculum to provide children with a successful transition to school.

~ Openly allow for the expression of personality and uniqueness for all families, educators and stakeholders in all facets of our service.

~ To provide a caring, safe, secure and welcoming environment that fosters open exploration and positive interactions between educators and children.

~ Providing natural environments and resources for educators and children to develop environmental awareness and a platform for ongoing environmental education.

~ To educate and encourage healthy and nutritious eating habits for children and families.

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