Starfish Room (0-2 years)

Right from birth, our youngest children are ready to soak up all the wonders our world has to offer. Every day is a brave new frontier and another opportunity to learn. Whether it’s moving, communicating or exploring their surroundings, their world is full of awe and our team at Create Imagine Learn feel so privileged to help your child through this wonderful journey. Throughout their day with us, we aim to make their transition into our Centre as seamless as possible.

Our educators work closely with you to find out about their home routine, their sleeping & eating patterns. We are in constant communication with you through their day with our Kinderm8 App as well as phone calls as to how their day is going. To support your child through this journey, we aim to provide a peaceful environment where they are cognitively challenged, physically safe & emotionally nurtured through their time with our caring and qualified educators.

Platypus and Dolphin Room (2-5 years)

The toddler age is where we start to see their curiosity and language development really start to emerge. The Toddler children are a busy and energetic bunch of children that are keen to take on new challenges and develop their physical skills at a surprising rate. At this age, the toddler’s independence skills are starting to emerge. We offer guidance on how to share, engage with other children and to participate in group experiences with the educators and their friends.


Our pre-schoolers are about to embark on a time where their world starts to grow immensely. This is through new experiences, their new-found independence, engaging with a wide variety of new friends and people as well as a time where they are truly comfortable within themselves.


Your child’s transition from being dependent to independent is strongly supported in areas such as toilet training, independence at meal times and following their Educator’s directions. Our educators at Create Imagine Learn are ready to answer any of the ‘Why’ questions that you may have as well as providing learning experiences tailored to your child’s interests and needs.

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