Shae McNAlly

Centre Director
Hi my name is Shae McNally and I have been working in the childcare industry for over 7 years. I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and am currently studying my Bachelor in Early Childhood. I started out in the industry with a love for looking after children and watching them grow, develop and achieve their milestones. I believe children learn best through active learning, each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which they are able to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. As an educator I believe children are able to achieve their full potential by creating a positive and nurturing environment. As the Director at Create Imagine Learn Kiama Downs I look forward to ensuring myself and our educators will be providing only the best for you and your children.

Amanda Reynolds

0-2 Room Leader
Hi there, my name is Amanda and I am the room leader for the nursery room. I have been working in the childcare sector for the past 14 years, 10 of them with babies 0-2 years. I currently hold my Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching degree. I have a great passion for the first years of early education, especially through mathematics, music and science. I believe by creating reciprocal relationships with families and children are the foundation and most important aspects of my role as a Teacher. I thoroughly enjoy seeing children from 6 weeks of age progress through the service until their first day at primary school. I enjoy playing softball and spending time with my friends and family.

Sophie Hurford

2-5 Room Leader
My Name is Sophie Hurford, and I have been the main educator in the 2-5-year-old age range since the start of our beautiful Centre. I have 2 years’ experience as a Teacher’s aide in primary schools, and 4 years’ experience in a 2-5 age range Centre. I began my work with children as I have always felt young at heart and easily connected with the children in my personal life. I believe the first years of a child’s life are the most important, and that good education, care and nurture can set children up for a highly successful life. I want only the very best for all children in my care and hope to help them grow, learn and develop to their highest potentials. I aim to embed sustainable practices into the Centre to create good examples for children to remember throughout their whole lives, that this earth is our only earth and we must look after it, because it looks after us.

Jessica Nolan

0-2 Room Assistant

Hello, My Name is Jess Nolan and I’m in charge of our toddler’s! I have been working in Early childhood for Two years, Completing my certificate III here at Create Imagine learn. I am now currently studying for my diploma. I adore working with children especially toddlers as I am able to guide them through their early stages of development when things start to get just that little bit trickier, I love building relationships with each child and watching them flourish and grow as their confidence grows stronger in the environment that we have created. I am really passionate about animals and try to incorporate animals into my program as much as possible, all whilst incorporating a lot of sensory exploration to allow each child to extend their horizons just that little bit further. 

Bree Wills

2-5 Room Assistant
Hi, my name’s Bree I’m the room assistant in the 3-5 room. I currently hold my certificate III in early child care education, I started working in childcare in 2017. The reason I chose to work in childcare is because I love to see the children’s face’s as they learn and achieve something new, being there and seeing that is one of the best feelings. I love knowing that I can help guide the children to grow and learn and become the little human’s they are, not only do I help the children learn but I always learn something new from them.

Katie Hall

Centre Cook
Hi my name is Katie, I am the mother of 2 and have lived on the South Coast all my life having been born at the old Kiama Hospital. I have over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry having owned and operated restaurants and cafe’s in the local area. I love to cook good wholesome home made food and am looking forward to making a few changes to the menu including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. I also run a Sous Chef program with the children to help ignite a love of cooking and healthy foods early on.

Olivia Foster


Hi my name is Olivia Foster, I am 16 years old, I love to play sports and hang out with my friends. I chose childcare as a career because I love looking after the children and I really enjoy being around them! I love watching them learn new things and grow! My favourite colour is the colour pink and I also have 2 dogs named Willow and Koda. 

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